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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

CERTIFICATE of authenticity

Each artwork sold will include a certificate of authenticity to ensure that the customer has received a product directly from Audrey’s Visual Arts. Paintings eight inches (8in.) or larger will have the certificate adhered to the back of the canvas and all others will be included loosely, either for personal framing or storage purposes. Each certificate will provide the customer with an item number, the title of the work, and instructions on how to reach the artist in an event that the customer might wish to send the artwork back to the original creator.


satisfaction GUARANTEED

Audrey’s Visual Arts stands behind the quality of the art produced as well as the needs of the customer. Customers are meant to be satisfied with the artwork created by Audrey’s Visual Arts for a lifetime. Please see the Refunds & Returns section below if there are any questions or concerns, which might require a customer to communicate with the artist about returning artwork to Audrey’s Visual Arts.


Privacy & security

A customer’s security and privacy is respected and taken seriously. Audrey’s Visual Arts makes a promise to keep any and all information provided by the customer to remain private and confidential. None of the information provided to Audrey’s Visual Arts will be allowed for public knowledge unless specific permission has been given by the customer(s). Audrey’s Visual Arts wants all customers to feel safe when buying artwork online and know that Audrey’s Visual Arts is a trusted e-commerce company.

copyright law

According to copyright law, the original creator (Audrey’s Visual Arts) of the art produced is the sole owner of the imagery and is specifically allowed to reproduce and/or use the image for advertising purposes. No other entity is allowed to use the imagery for publication unless given permission by the original creator (Audrey’s Visual Arts).

Returns & refunds

First, if you have a need to consider refunds and returns, you likely ordered a product from me. Which means I owe you a “thank you!” Nothing makes me happier than a bunch of happy AVA customers, and as such I promise to do my very best to deliver an amazing product and customer experience, and rest assured, to make right any hiccups along the way. That said, here are some things you might want to know…

• You may cancel an order at any time before shipment.
• Your satisfaction is guaranteed for a lifetime. If there is any issue with your purchased artwork, please contact Audrey’s Visual Arts by email at:
• If you want to return your purchased artwork at any time after receiving it, please email Audrey’s Visual Arts at: to arrange a speedy return.