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Special Projects


Special Projects


Tip Jar

This project was designed for my daughter’s workplace. As you might suspect, she works in the food industry. I was given permission to do whatever I wanted. I had an empty pickle jar approx. 10 inches in height and cleaned it out with white vinegar. I printed out a bold, tall font on paper the size I needed at about 5 inches in width and taped it inside the jar for reference. I traced the letters with a wide sharpie marker and then went back over the tracing with Mars Black Acrylic Paint. On the inside of the jar I painted white behind the text to help the text pop and be more legible. I added a cartoon cow near the top, again Mars Black Acrylic Paint on the outside of the jar and color on the inside. A piece of green felt was cut out (flower shape) and glued to the inside bottom of the jar to help the glass live longer as coins might drop down and weaken the glass. I included a “Thank You” sticker at the bottom on the outside. Mod-Podge Gloss Sealant was painted on all painted areas inside and out to ensure the longevity of the item.


Yard Dominos

I found this DIY project online. I thought this would make a cool project for outdoor fun, so I went to my local hardware store and bought a few 4 inch wide pieces of lumber that were 1 inch thick and had them cut me 28 blocks, each at 8 inches in length. They were all painted a bright red and I stamped them all with the top of a coke bottle cap with white paint and drew the white lines in the middle of each using a straight edge. The basket I found at my local arts & crafts store on sale and I lined it with a small piece of felt fabric. This project I gave to a friend of mine who liked Superman and who had a large backyard, hence the theme. It took a long time to finish this project because of dry time and I sprayed these all with an acrylic varnish. In the end I set them all up in my house and played a little game of falling dominos down my hallway… they were just as entertaining as I thought they might be. This was a fun project, but it did take me some time to complete.


Tool Box

I painted this for a friend of mine as a birthday gift. He is a long time Snoopy fan. I had a variety of small things I got him for his birthday and didn’t want to use a traditional basket to place it in, so I bought a wooden tool box from my local craft store. I painted it red and personalized the front and back with his name. I also included the iconic Snoopy v.s. the Red Baron on either side. This project was fun because it wasn’t an expected gift and I enjoy drawing cartoons. Snoopy has always had a special place in my heart as well, so we had that in common.