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A co-worker of mine had a painting at her desk of an orange dog’s tail as if running past through the painting with a large low hanging moon, spattered stars and streaking comets. I inquired about the painting and was told that she had intended to decorate her daughter’s room in a wolf theme based on the Game of Thrones trilogy and her friend offered to create a painting that the theme would revolve around. This story sparked my interest and I made it my personal quest to fulfill her need to bring her idea to life. I searched for an image online and found an adult wolf with her young cub howling together. I also added a youthful touch by including glow paint, so the image could also be enjoyed at night. My efforts were a complete success and her smile is my reward.

— The grand howl



A good friend of mine was holding a benefit for their family member, a young boy, who had recently been diagnosed with an illness, forcing him into hospitalization. Unfortunately the family was not prepared financially for this burden and required assistance through family and friends. I felt a need to contribute to their auction that they were holding in his name and offered two sets of paintings. One was “Reach For The Stars” and the other was “I Wanna Rock”. Both were successfully sold at the auction and are owned by mutual friends of mine.

— reach for the stars



When we lose a dear friend whom we have dedicated our love and life to, it hurts deeply and a sense of ourselves is lost in that same instance. Our furry companions fit this description and are at times our best friends in life. Those moments we want to hang onto, keeping them eternally in our hearts, so that they remain a part of our lives even after they are gone. This was my motivation when I painted this “Peanuts” themed painting for a good friend who lost his beloved dog so suddenly. The Sirius constellation (Canis Major) can be seen in the sky representing “The Greatest Dog” and echoes a popular Van Gogh technique (this painting can be viewed in my Paintings section of this website). The current owner’s exact words were “It’s so beautiful”, and his voice emanated his emotion.

— The greatest dog


Many times I find inspiration in painting something because I know the subject will be well received by the person it is intended for. I know a connection will be made and the art will be less likely discarded or sold. One of these artworks was a college themed piece dedicated to the first Heisman Trophy win in 2011 and the recipient absolutely loved Baylor, so in my mind it would be well received. When presented the finished piece, he was surprised and thankful and it is a prominent part of his collection to this day that he proudly displays on his mantel at home.