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Audrey Mraz / artist

Audrey discovered her love for drawing at a very early age and developed her talent by constantly drawing everything she could see. Throughout grade school she studied the fundamentals of art, which helped her to discover art techniques and a familiarity of design. She admired many illustrators such as Charles M. Shultz (the creator of Peanuts) and Jim Davis (the creator of Garfield).

She studied fundamentals of art through correspondence from the Art Instruction Schools of Minneapolis and decided to venture into visual communications at The Art Institute of Houston. It was at the end of year student show where she met her first employer and became their fashion illustrator and graphic artist. From that point on her professional experience would revolve around digital design, creating advertising and branding collateral for multiple companies nationwide.

After more than fifteen years serving businesses with her eye for graphic design, she felt a desire to get back into drawing and painting. Now she is able to offer her passion for life drawing in acrylic paintings, utilizing her long time love of art and her eye for design to deliver professional and unique artwork for all.





• H. S. Diploma

• Art Instruction Schools of MN / Certified in Art Fundamentals

• Art Institute of Houston / Assoc. Degree / Graphic Design


SOFTWARE / Operating systems

• Mac OS / Windows OS

• Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

• Adobe Acrobat / MS Office products


ADPower Inc.  >


“I was hired on to be both a print production assistant and a graphic designer. My colleges taught me a lot about running their HP Scitex FB750. It was the first flatbed printer I had ever seen and it was a work horse. I learned so much about different media and how it must be handled for the best quality prints. Media could be as large as 9 feet in width with infinite length and could include any type of media from aluminum and steel to polystyrene and foam board. Print production was incredibly hands on, so I was able to learn quickly about the right and wrong way to do things. Print production also edits the majority of art files that go to print such as file size, ink disbursement and print direction, sending each job through their ONYX print system. Artists were responsible for creating the design as well as developing a visually realistic concept of the design on a product for the customer’s visual reference (such as a logo on a t-shirt or embroidery on a hat). After revisions, the artist creates a separate file for production purposes and it is either printed in-house or outsourced for the client. Artists log their time from start to finish in ShopWorks (the companies shared server) for customer service, sales associates and other designers who may need to know the progress of each project and assist in revisions.”



“My very first experience in an advertising setting was at RTUI. Now known as Indoor Media, it is a conglomerate of Register Tapes Unlimited, Cartvertising, Hospitality Seating and Strategic Print Solutions. My start was in Cartvertising (Photoshop dominant), and I was quickly tested to see how efficient I would be as a register tape designer (Illustrator / InDesign dominant). I caught the eye of the COO who put my observation skills to the test in the prepress department for Cartvertising (digital printing press) and Register Tapes (offset printing press). Soon after, I was chosen to design and maintain all the corporate marketing collateral for our national and regional sales teams, including trade show booths, signage, and Standard Operating Procedure manuals. This lead me to an even greater achievement within the company because I had the greatest honor of developing point of sale tape for Strategic Print Solutions, which covered McDonald’s®, Wendy’s, Firehouse Subs, Harrah’s Casino, Aria Resort and Casino, Caesar’s Palace Casino and many more retail businesses. I was also given the responsibility of designing and maintaining in-house materials for our company functions and our monthly company newsletter, Synergy.”

Big Frog T-shirts & More >


“The original Big Frog started in Florida and quickly became a franchise opportunity in several states, including Texas. As an employee it was my job to be a customer service rep, sales associate, graphic designer and print specialist all rolled into one. As soon as the customer enters the store we greet them and answer any questions, explain the DTG (direct to garment) process and how most orders can be ready in less then 24 hours. The software widely used at Big Frog was Corel Draw, and even though I was not well versed in that program it was quick to pick up on and learn. After several months I was trained as a Manager in Training, responsible for counting money, keeping records up to date, opening and closing the store and maintaining happy customers.”




OfficeMax – Impress Print Department

Graphic Designer and Print Production

TMB Screen Printing & Embroidery

Graphic Designer and Vinyl Operator

Casey Coleman Apparel 

Graphic Designer and Fashion Illustrator